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5/18/2017- As part of giving back to the Open Source community and our support of the free development and exchange of software. CFH CABLE Gives SourceForge Mirror Sites. CFH CABLE's global network infrastructure will help support more than 430,000 projects and more than 3.7 million registered users.

1/03/2017- CFH CABLE has become a Cloudflare Certified Partner, taking the extra steps to make sure our customers get the most out of Cloudflare!

7/11/2016- CFH CABLE has become a ookla Host partner, becoming part of the world's most popular and comprehensive broadband speed test community!

8/19/2015- CFH CABLE has partnered with Supermicro, to be the primary provider of our dedicated server offerings.

6/25/2015- CFH CABLE'S global ip network goes IPv6 Native Dual Stack.

5/28/2015- CFH CABLE joins the TPA-IX (Tampa Internet Exchange). The first carrier-neutral, open access peering exchange in Tampa serving the Central Florida region. The TPAIX will allow CFH CABLE to improve performance and lower costs by exchanging Internet traffic locally rather than having to use expensive, long haul transport to reach Internet exchanges in the closest peering cities, Miami and Atlanta.

1/31/2014 - CFH CABLE has chosen Intermedia to be the NEW provider for their Hosted PBX offerings. Under this agreement, Intermedia will provide the back end infrastructure, billing, and 24/7/365 phone support for all CFH CABLE'S hosted PBX solutions. CFH CABLE will still provide on-site support to its customers.

2/15/2013 - CFH CABLE has partnered with Lencore, an industry leader in engineering and building system solutions for sound masking, paging, audio, and mass notification and emergency communication (MNEC) with applications in a variety of industries.

6/18/2011 - CFH CABLE participated in the World IPv6 Day along with many other community leaders. We however decided to leave our site dual-stacked permanently.

2/22/2011 - CFH CABLE has partnered with SoftLayer, an industry leader in data center and network services. CFH CABLE's long-standing relationship with SoftLayer allows CFH CABLE's customers to utilize one of the world's best networks to power dedicated server, managed hosting, and cloud computing services. SoftLayer's world-class data centers feature state-of-the-art security, power, safety, and cooling systems—all designed to ensure that service remains uninterrupted.



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