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The CFH CABLE Company is a leading technology and security integration company offering a comprehensive list of services within market segments such as commercial, banking, industrial, defense, airports, seaports, and retail. We offer virtually an unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points


AP-228 Data Sheet
AP-228 Ordering Guide
103 Series Data Sheet
103 Series Ordering Guide
200 Series Data Sheet
200 Series Ordering Guide
207 Series Data Sheet
207 Series Ordering Guide
210 Series Data Sheet
210 Series Ordering Guide
220 Series Data Sheet
220 Series Ordering Guide
300 Series Data Sheet
300 Series Ordering Guide
310 Series Data Sheet
310 Series Ordering Guide
320 Series Data Sheet
320 Series Ordering Guide
330 Series Data Sheet
330 Series Ordering Guide

Desk stand/Wall plate
RAP-3 Data Sheet
RAP-3 Ordering Guide
RAP-100 Series Data Sheet
RAP-100 Series Ordering Guide
AP-103H Data Sheet
AP-103H Ordering Guide
AP-205H Data Sheet
AP-205H Ordering Guide
270 Series Data Sheet
270 Series Ordering Guide
360 Series Data Sheet
360 Series Ordering Guide


Antennas for Indoor Access Points with RP-SMA connector

Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-1B and -1W
Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-1F
Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-13B
Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-16
Aruba Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Omni AP-ANT-19
Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-20
Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-25A
Aruba Indoor/Outdoor Antenna AP-ANT-28
Aruba Indoor MIMO Antenna AP-ANT-32
Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-35A
Aruba Indoor/Outdoor Antenna AP-ANT-38
Aruba Indoor Antenna AP-ANT-40
Aruba Outdoor 4×4 MIMO Antenna AP-ANT-45
Aruba Outdoor 4×4 MIMO Antenna AP-ANT-48

Antennas for Outdoor Access Points with N-Type connector Aruba Outdoor MIMO Antenna ANT-4×4-5314
Aruba Outdoor MIMO Antenna ANT-3×3-D100
Aruba Outdoor MIMO Antenna ANT-3×3-D608
Aruba Outdoor Antenna ANT-3×3-2005
Aruba Outdoor Antenna ANT-3×3-5005
Aruba Outdoor Antenna ANT-3×3-5010
Aruba Outdoor Antenna ANT-3×3-5712
Aruba Outdoor Antenna Kit ANT-2×2-2005
Aruba Outdoor MIMO Antenna Kit ANT-2×2-2314
Aruba Outdoor Antenna Kit ANT-2×2-5005
Aruba Outdoor Antenna Kit ANT-2×2-5010
Aruba Outdoor MIMO Antenna Kit ANT-2×2-5314
Aruba Outdoor Antenna ANT-2×2-2714
Aruba Outdoor In-line Antenna Lightning Arrester
Aruba Outdoor In-Line 2.4-GHZ Antenna Lightning Arrester


Next Generation Access Switches
2530 Switch Series Data Sheet
2540 Switch Series Data Sheet
2920 Switch Series Data Sheet
2930F Switch Series Data Sheet
2930F TAA Switch Series Data Sheet
3810 Switch Series Data Sheet
5400R Switch Series Data Sheet

Extended Switch Portfolio

S1500 Mobility Access Switch Data Sheet
S2500 Mobility Access Switch Data Sheet
S3500 Mobility Access Switch Data Sheet



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