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Silent Knight - Data Sheet - Resources

The CFH CABLE Company is a leading technology and security integration company offering a comprehensive list of services within market segments such as commercial, banking, industrial, defense, airports, seaports, and retail. We offer virtually an unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast
corporate networking.

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350349.pdf5104 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter 6 Zone350349Fire Alarm Digital Communicators
350780.pdf5128/29 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter350780Fire Alarm Digital Communicators
350322.pdf5217 10-Zone Expander for 5208350322Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350382.pdf5230 Remote Annunciator350382Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350321.pdf5235 Remote Annunciator for 5208350321Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350395.pdf5495 6A Distributed Power Module350395Fire Alarm Power Supplies
350387.pdf5496 6A Intelligent Remote Power Supply350387Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
350396.pdf5499 9A Distributed Power Module350396Fire Alarm Power Supplies
351519.pdf5635 Remote Annunciator351519Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350392.pdf5700 Data Sheet350392Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
350386.pdf5808 Data Sheet350386Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
350098.pdf5815XL Signal Circuit Expander350098Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
350210.pdf5820XL Data Sheet350210Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
351562.pdf5820XL-EVS Data Sheet351562Emergency Communication Systems
350208.pdf5824 Serial/Parallel Module350208Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
350224.pdf5860/5860R Remote Annunciator350224Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
350032.pdf5865-3/5865-4 Remote LED Annunciator350032Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
350233.pdf5880 LED Driver Module350233Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
350311.pdf5883 Relay Interface Board350311Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
350212-G.pdf5895XL 6A Intelligent Remote Power Supply350212-GAddressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
351607.pdf6700 Datasheet351607Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
351608.pdf6808 Datasheet351608Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
351628.pdf6815 Datasheet351628Addressable SLC SK Devices
351610.pdf6820 Datasheet351610Emergency Communication Systems
351606.pdf6820EVS Datasheet351606Emergency Communication Systems
351613.pdf6855 Datasheet351613Annunciators
351612.pdf6860 Data Sheet351612Annunciators
53624.pdfAnalog/Addressable Devices with Hochiki Protocol53624Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
351565.pdfB200S/B200S-LF - Intelligent Sounder Base351565Addressable SLC SK Devices
350267.pdfB200SR Sounder Base Data Sheet350267Addressable SLC SK Devices
350995.pdfB210LP 6" Mounting Base Data Sheet350995Addressable SLC SK Devices
53625.pdfB224BI 6" Mounting Base w/Built-in Isolator Data Sheet53625Addressable SLC SK Devices
350994.pdfB224RB 6" Mounting Base w/Built-in Relay Data Sheet350994Addressable SLC SK Devices
150746.pdfEOL-1224RLY End-of-Line Relay Data Sheet150746
350606.pdfEVS-125W Data Sheet350606Emergency Communication Systems
350605.pdfEVS-50W Data Sheet350605Emergency Communication Systems
350604.pdfEVS-RCU Data Sheet350604Emergency Communication Systems
350601.pdfFFT-STSS and FFT-STSR Trim Ring, Plate, Door and Backbox350601Emergency Communication Systems
53623.pdfIntelliKnight System Sensor Device Specification Data Sheet53623Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
350961.pdfIntelliKnight Model EVS-100W Data Sheet 350961Emergency Communication Systems
350981-A EVS-INT50W.pdfIntelliKnight Model EVS-INT50W350981-A EVS-INT50WEmergency Communication Systems
Silent Knight - Communicators - IPGSM-4G Data SheetIPGSM-4G Data SheetDH-60769Fire Alarm Digital Communicators
350996.pdfISO-6 Six Fault Isolator Module350996Addressable SLC SK Devices
350792.pdfMetal Cast Fire Alarm Pull Stations Data Sheet350792Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350357.pdfPlex 1 and Plex 2 Door Option Data Sheet350357Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
350241.pdfPS-SA/PS-DA/PS-DASP Fire Alarm Pull Stations Data Sheet350241Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350052.pdfSB-IO Surface Mount Back Box Data Sheet350052Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350231.pdfSD500-AIM Addressable Input Module and SD500-MIM Addressable Mini-Input Module Data Sheet350231Addressable SLC SK Devices
350220.pdfSD500-ANM Addressable Notification Module Data Sheet350220Addressable SLC SK Devices
350218.pdfSD500-ARM Addressable Relay Module Data Sheet350218Addressable SLC SK Devices
350222.pdfSD500-LIM Line Isolation Module Data Sheet350222Addressable SLC SK Devices
350342.pdfSD500-PS Addressable Pull Station Data Sheet350342Addressable SLC SK Devices
350314.pdfSD500-SDM Two-Wire Smoke Module350314Addressable SLC Alternative Devices
350316.pdfSD505-6IB 6" Isolator Base Data Sheet350316Addressable SLC SK Devices
350312.pdfSD505-6RB 6" Relay Base Data Sheet350312Addressable SLC SK Devices
350315.pdfSD505-6SB 6" Sounder Base Data Sheet350315Addressable SLC SK Devices
350225.pdfSD505-APS Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Data Sheet350225Addressable SLC SK Devices
350705.pdfSD505-DUCT Duct Housing & Smoke Data Sheet350705Addressable SLC SK Devices
350005.pdfSD505-DUCTR & DTS-K Data Sheet350005Addressable SLC SK Devices
350963-A SD505-HEAT.pdfSD505-HEAT Addressable Heat Detector350963-A SD505-HEATAddressable SLC Alternative Devices
sd505tchb100spec.pdfSD505-TCHB100 Handheld Detector Programmer Data Sheetsd505tchb100specAddressable Smoke Programmer
350133.pdfSK Minimon Data Sheet350133Addressable SLC SK Devices
350304.pdfSK-2 Conventional FACP 2 Zone Data Sheet350304Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350305.pdfSK-4 Conventional FACP 4 Zone Data Sheet350305Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350318.pdfSK-5208 Conventional FACP 10-30 Zone Data Sheet350318Conventional Fire Alarm Accessories
350121.pdfSK-Acclimate Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector Data Sheet350121Addressable SLC SK Devices
350123.pdfSK-Beam Addressable Beam Smoke Detector Data Sheet350123Addressable SLC SK Devices
350125.pdfSK-Control Addressable Notification ModuleData Sheet350125Addressable SLC SK Devices
350126.pdfSK-Control-6 Six Circuit Notification Module Data Sheet350126Addressable SLC SK Devices
350122.pdfSK-Duct Addressable Photoelectric Duct Detector Data Sheet350122Addressable SLC SK Devices
350794.pdfSKE-450 Voice Evacuation Control Panel Data Sheet350794Emergency Communication Systems
350806.pdfSK-F485C Data Sheet350806Addressable Fire Alarm SBUS Devices
351550.pdfSK-FFT Data Sheet Data Sheet351550Fire Fighter Telephone
351181.pdfSK-FIRE-CO Data Sheet351181Addressable SLC SK Devices
350120.pdfSK-Heat Addressable Heat Detector SK-Heat-HT Addressable Heat Detector High Temperature and SK-Heat-ROR Addressable Heat Detector Rate-of-Rise Data Sheet350120Addressable SLC SK Devices
350265.pdfSK-IP-2/SK-IP-2U IP Fire Alarm Communicators350265Fire Alarm Digital Communicators
350134.pdfSK-Iso Line Isolator Module Data Sheet350134Addressable SLC SK Devices
350132.pdfSK-Mon-10 Addressable Ten Input Monitor Module Data Sheet350132Addressable SLC SK Devices
350131.pdfSK-Monitor Addressable Input Monitor Module Data Sheet350131Addressable SLC SK Devices
350124.pdfSK-Monitor-2 Addressable Dual Input Monitor Module Data Sheet350124Addressable SLC SK Devices
350118.pdfSK-Photo Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector and SK-Photo-T Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/Thermal Data Sheet350118Addressable SLC SK Devices
350135.pdfSK-Pull-DA and SK-Pull-SA  Addressable Single or Dual Action Pull Station Data Sheet350135Addressable SLC SK Devices
350127.pdfSK-Relay Addressable Relay Module Data Sheet350127Addressable SLC SK Devices
350128.pdfSK-Relay-6 Addressable Six Relay Module Data Sheet350128Addressable SLC SK Devices
350755.pdfSK-Relaymon-2 Dual Monitor Module with 2 Relay Outputs Data Sheet350755Addressable SLC SK Devices
350129.pdfSK-Zone Addressable 2-wire Zone Interface Module Data Sheet350129Addressable SLC SK Devices
350130.pdfSK-Zone-6 Addressable Six Zone Interface Module Data Sheet350130Addressable SLC SK Devices
351625.pdfSK-FML-FSL Data Sheet351625Addressable SLC SK Devices
350049.pdfVisorAlarm Plus Data Sheet350049Digital Alarm Receivers
351618_A.pdfSWIFT Gateway351618_AWireless (SWIFT)
351618_B.pdfWSK-WGI Wireless Gateway Data Sheet351618_BWireless (SWIFT)
351616.pdfSWIFT Modules Data Sheet351616Wireless (SWIFT)
351614.pdfSWIFT® Wireless Detector Data Sheet351614Wireless (SWIFT)
351637.pdfSK-HEAT-W Series Data Sheet351637Wireless (SWIFT)
351634.pdfSK-PHOTO-W Series Data Sheet351634Wireless (SWIFT)




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